ABOUT US - Kleanz Asia


Kleanz Asia Company Limited is an importer and distributor of green IPC brand cleaning machines directly from Italy. The only official in the country

    Sell ​​vacuum cleaners for professionals and industries. (Professional Vacuum and Industrial Vacuum) sells floor polishing machines Scrubber Drier, single-disc scrubber, high-pressure water spray Both hot and cold water High-pressure washer sells floor sweeper, sells pure water cleaning stream, steam generators

    IPC (Integrated Professional Cleaning), Italy, is a group of 3 leading cleaning machines, including Soteco, vacuum cleaner, gansow, floor care and portotecnica, High pressure water (High-pressure washer) to integrate the complete professional cleaning tools

Our confederation

    In addition, Kleanz Asia is also partnering with leading global brands to meet Industrial work such as bolondi nozzle, Italy Welding hood plymovent Netherlands Vacuum cleaners, heavy industrial work, coynco, Italy, heavy industrial vacuum cleaners, large Wieland, German walkers, Santoemma based carpets, Italy, etc.

Our Mission

Kleanz Asia has a mission to provide quality standards. Innovative cleaning products with innovation To truly meet the needs of customers

Our Service

We can provide sales consulting. In the product itself From experts with technical knowledge And product demonstrations Including reliable and sincere after-sales service