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It’s all about the pump – The IPC pump!

The IPC high-pressure cleaner is made with the most sophisticated technology and structure encompassing the highest technology in the making of a high performance high-pressure washer that offers not only reliability, high & constant performance, but also longer lifetime with very low maintenance requirements. Depending on the models, most are equipped with a low-speed (1400 rpm) motor and plunger (crankshaft) pump that has:-

1) Brass pump head (anti-corrosion or against mechanical breakage),
2) Large and extra-hard Ceramic pistons (high-resistance to wear and thermal (heat) shock) and
3) Low speed motor @ 1400 rpm (Reducing wear and tear rate on all components)

With the IPC Delayed by-pass Total-Stop technology, the machine safely stops itself gradually after 30 sec of inactivity and restart automatically when the trigger gun is activated again. This eliminates any high torque and sudden sharp and rapid movements on the motor and pump components, thus ensuring higher energy efficiency and full protection for a longer lifetime of usage. And that’s all in the heart of the IPC high-pressure cleaners!

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