Vacuum Cleaners GS 1/33 HEPA ISO5 - Kleanz Asia

Vacuum Cleaners GS 1/33 HEPA ISO5


  • Warning Light For Filter Overpressure
  • For Toxic Dust: Certified By Notified Laboratories As H Class
  • Alarm System Prevents Filter Overpressure
  • PCB Prefilter Prevents Fast Blockage Of High Efficiency Cartridge
  • ISO 14644-1 Compliance For Use In Environment Where Concentration Of Dust In The Air Is Strictly Limited And Controlled
  • Electromedicals Compliance To Avoid Electromagnetic Interference Or RF Emissions
  • Innovative Gasket – Maximum Seal: No Loss Of Airflow During Suction
  • Reliable Construction For Intensive Use
  • AP TUBE – Aluminium/Plastic Tube