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Steam Generators IPC-SG30

Main Technical Characteristics

Boiler and steam phase
• Maximum power absorbed: 2000 W (3070 W in total with suction)
• Time of activation: only 7 minutes
• Adjustment: steam flow rate according to application needs
• Anti Bugs system: dry saturated steam ensure a disinfestant action
• Water tank SG-20: integrated in boiler, with 2 l of capacity
• Water tank SG-30: auto-filling, with 2 l of capacity
• Detergent tank: 1.5 l of capacity

• Maximum power absorbed: 1070 W (3070 W in total with steam)
• Power Suction system: wet & dry with water filtering system
• Adjustment: suction according to dirt type to collect
• Tank capacity: easily removable, with 7 l of capacity

Main safety systems
• No-tear hose coupling: protection against accidental steam discharges
• Detergent supply: with double activation command
• Safety valve: mechanical

Accessories (standard)
• Power Flex flexible hose: anti-torsion for steam + suction use of 2.5 m
• Working tools: BASIC type accessories kit – steam + suction

Other characteristics
• Control panel: electromechanical with protection against humidity
• Transport handle: ensures maximum ergonomics
• Pressure manometer: to control constantly the steam performances
• Sensor levels: on both tanks and boiler