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Santoemma Carpet Extractor Machine – SABRINA-MAXI

Santoemma Carpet Extractor Machine – SABRINA-MAXI

Sabrina – Maxi is a professional machine for cleaning medium areas of carpet. Its high-waterlift vacuum system allows to recover the maximum quantity of dirt from carpet and to get a shortest drying time. Strong, compact and easy to carry, this machine is ideal for cleaning companies. Its small width makes it particularly suitable also for cleaning in trains, busses, cinemas and planes.
It can be supplied with the instant hot water unit HT1800 and with the optional power brush wand NS270BRUSH. Optional hand-tools are available, in plastic (NS10PN) or in aluminium (NS10ALL). If equipped with the patented SMARTKIT system, it is possible to perform automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying and rinsing.If equipped with the patented SMARTKIT system, it is possible to perform automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying and rinsing.


  • High-waterlift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and shortest drying time: carpet can be dry in 1 hour!
  • The size of the machine is small compared to its tank capacity.  The machine is easy to carry even in a small car
  • Carpet tool with aluminium vacuum head, practically indestructible
  • Special profile of the vacuum head, which allows to get the best suction even when the tool inclination changes
  • The height of the handle is adjustable, for greater ergonomics. The handle allows the worker to lift the tool and to press the vacuum head down on carpet with a very small effort
  • Spraying valve designed for avoiding any breaking
  • Tubes in stainless steel, strong and rustproof for the whole machine life
  • Quick disconnect spray nozzles, which can be removed by hand, without using any tool. The nozzles can be easily cleaned
  • It is possible to attach the optional instant hot water unit (HT1800) to the machine, in order to make the cleaning even more effective


  • It can be used for cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, banks, shops, rental companies, trains, busses, planes, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships, schools, universities.


  • Brand: Consolidated
  • Product Type: Carpet Extractor Machine
  • Colour: Blue
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 30 L
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 30 L
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Maximum Water Lift: 3000 mm
  • Maximum Air -Flow: 45 L/sec
  • Pump with By-Pass: Membrane
  • Maximum Pressure: 9 bar
  • Maximum Water Flow: 4.5 L/mins
  • Cleaning Width: 300 mm
  • Number of Nozzles: 3
  • Maximum Performance: 80 mq/h
  • Cable Length: 10 m
  • Hose Length: 5 m
  • Tank Construction: High Density Polyethylene
  • Length: 38 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 78 cm
  • Weight (Machine Body): 24 kg
  • Weight (Packaged Machine): 33 kg