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IPC Portotecnica MIRAGE 1 W 3 76 S

 IPC Portotecnica Mirage 1640 (1 W 3 76 S)


water vacuum cleaner is the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the professional range, premium class. Designed to remove large amounts of contaminants, including heavy dirt and water. Large stainless steel tank, easy to tip over to quickly remove debris from the tank. Suitable for use in warehouses and commercial premises, various types of production, agriculture, hotels, shopping and office centers.

Features and Benefits:

  1. 3 independent turbines of a water vacuum cleaner with a total capacity of 3600 W make it easy to clean a large area.
  2. The trolley is made of shockproof plastic with rubberized wheels.
  3. Operational reliability is guaranteed by thermal protection of the electric motor against overloads.
  4. High stability and ease of movement of the vacuum cleaner behind them, turn into an extremely maneuverable apparatus.
  5. An extensive range of special accessories greatly expands the application.