Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Coynco Pro 1100 Oil - Kleanz Asia

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Coynco Pro 1100 Oil

Designed to work in the metalworking industry, as well as in those industries where the collection and separation of metal shavings, oil and coolant;

At the same time, it allows to collect ordinary dust and solid particles, as well as various liquids for a long time

Equipped with a dispensed liquid dispensing system based on reverse air flow

The tangential location of the intake contributes to a better separation of dust from the filter and allows for the cleaning of a large amount of dirt

Depending on the modifications, it is completed with a one-three-phase turbine with a side channel;

Suitable for dry and wet cleaning in workshops and workshops, collecting dust, chips and oils from machines and mechanisms

Equipped with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system using a pneumatic piston;

It is completed with filters M of class “antistatic”, cyclone and filter of the second stage of class HEPA (optional);

For the preliminary separation of metal shavings from oil and coolant, a special mesh-basket made of stainless steel is used (optional)

The tank is equipped with an elevator mechanism for working with heavy materials.