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Cold Water High Pressure Washers IPC PW-C55


PW-C55 is a professional cold water pressure washer that combines ergonomics and high performance.

It can be transported in the car luggage compartment and, thanks to the size of the wheels, it can be moved easily by the operator even in unpaved or uneven floors.

PW-C55 is available in a variety of models to meet all cleaning needs. Whether it’s removing dirt in depth, as with the 250 bar version, or cleaning large surfaces, as with the 1300 l/h version, PW-C55 is a valuable ally.

IPC’s long experience as a manufacturer of pressure washers ensures its reliability, efficiency and efficacy.


  • DTS – Delayed Total Stop
  • Collapsible handle for compact storage and easy transport
  • New storage space for all equipment and accessories
  • Removable cover and easy oil-fill-empty-system for a rapid maintenance