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Cold Water High Pressure Washers IPC PW-C40


The PW-C40 is a cold water pressure washer designed for small to medium-difficulty cleaning jobs.
You can use it to wash the outside of your house (the driveway, balcony or tile joints) but also to remove dirt from your work vehicles such as trucks or tractors.


  • IPC Industrial plunger pump with separated unloader
  • industrial motor 1400rpm
  • Strong structure
  • 7
  • 5 l Built-In detergent tank
  • Ergonomic handle with holder.

Technical Characteristics

• Asynchronous motor, 2-pole, for model 1310P and 1813P
• Asynchronous motor, 4-pole, for model 1310P4 – 1112P4 – 1813P4 – 1915P4

• Sturdy frame and large diametre wheels
• Built-in ergonomic handle, lance holder and hose support
• Cable support
• Thermostatic valve (by-pass versions only) to protect the pump from excessive high water temperature during the by-pass phrase (by-pass models)