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Environmental Sustainability

IPC products are designed to be responsible towards the community, the workers and the environment in which they are operated.

IPC projects qualitative products and efficient working processes always in the maximum respect of nature.

IPC has since long ago defined its own ethical environmental policy, which is attentive to minimize the impacts of the life cycle of each of its product models, from project to production, from transport to usage, until waste and recycling.

Fundamental pre-requisites for all IPC’s activities are:
• Conformity to all the rules regarding the environment
• Compatibility with the host environment
• Personnel protection and safety in the working environment
• Tendency to continuously improve the environmental performance of all the products

As part of its product innovation process, IPC focuses on the design and production of all the machines and equipment, characterized by low levels of energy, low water and detergent consumption. The company’s products therefore make real contribution to sustainable development.

Powering Sustainability

IPC’s cleaning machines are made to increase electricity savings, water savings and maximize the use of recycled plastics, and those increase every year.

• Scrubbers:
— Estimated global energy saving for 2015: 1.53 million kilowatts
— Estimated global water saving for 2015: 1.78 billion litres
• Pressure Washers:
— Estimated global fuel saving for 2015: 10.3 million kilograms
• Vacuum Cleaners and Trolleys:
— Recycled plastics used for 2015: Up to 75%

Certifications from the Approve Bodies for IPC’s Products

Products’ quality system Certification: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Products’ environmental friendliness system Certification: UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

Workers’ safety system Certification: BS OHSAS 18001:2007