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IPC Portotecnica Mirage 2 W 1 27 P

 IPC Portotecnica  Mirage 2 W 1 27 P

Vacuum cleaner Mirage 2 W 1 27 P IPC Portotecnica

Professional vacuum cleaner for dry / wet cleaning.

One engine, power of 1500 watts.

The volume of the tank is 27 l., The material of the tank is shockproof plastic.

Vacuum cleaner for moderately corrosive powders and liquids. 
Equipped with a high-speed single-stage engine and anti-foam head. 
Dimensions 39 x 39 x 72 cm

The IPC Portotecnica Mirage Super washing vacuum cleaner  is a professional and reliable premium class extractor. Suitable for cleaning carpets and fabrics.

Can be used to collect liquid dirt and dust.

It is actively used in the field of cleaning, in the automotive sector, as well as for cleaning office centers, cottages and hotels. It is actively used for private needs.

Mirage Super dry cleaning benefits:

– The motor unit is equipped with a foam counteraction system.

– Removable plastic detergent tank.

– The engine part is made of high-strength recyclable polypropylene plastic.

– Hook for winding the cable on the motor part.

– Trolley with four swivel wheels for better maneuverability.

– Injection and absorption of detergent.

– A suction head with a two-stage turbine and an electromagnetic self-activating two-diaphragm injection pump.

– Water resistant turbine.

Manufacturer: IPC Portotecnica Country: Italy