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GP 1/27 EXT

GP 1/27 EXT

GP 1/27 EXT is a professional and compact extractor and vacuum, with a powerful 1200W double stage motor.

The standard antibacterial “Sanifilter” prevents the dispersion of germs and bacteria while vacuuming and the integrated inner tank guarantees long autonomy during the sanitation processes with detergents.

It is ideal to clean small and medium textile surfaces like rugs, carpets and sofas in offices and shops.

Motor  1x 2 course
Power    1000 – 1200 W
Food      220-240 V
Water suction      2470 mmH2
Ability to resist     27 liters
Detergent tank capacity    6 liters
Cable length      8.5 m
Pump power     48 W
Debit     0.8 l / min
Pressure   2 bar
Dimensions (W x D x H)    38x38x50 cm
Weight      11 kg